Experts advise how to lose weight properly

Most overweight people can not lose weight, not because they have hormonal failure, not because there are not suitable for their diets or eating right does not apply. And even not because of lack of time, health and physical activity.

The problem of the lack of solid goals. When will be able to motivate yourself to weight loss, problems will be solved immediately and over time, and with diets.


A little psychology

  Motivation in any area of ​​life is in fact an incentive for action. That is, you do not need to force yourself, to persuade, to doubt. This motivation - it's a kick against which not stand. This is how to get up one fine morning, do exercises, eat porridge with apple, hire a box of vegetables and meat, and in the evening go to the gym or for a jog and then eat cheese. It's simple. It's like a way of life. As a necessity. Even if you do not want, laziness, but the motivation is stronger.

  At work, a business meeting or to study, too lazy to walk, but the walk or not to execute the order is difficult to decide. There is a purpose - to provide salaries, profits or diploma. Or the fear of losing everything. The same motivation is to act on the weight loss, where the goal - petite and perfectly sitting on her jeans and swimwear, but otherwise - body fat and disease.


When words do not help

  Very fat people easier. They can scare a risk to the health or life that cause them to act. But what about those who have no more than 10 extra kilos, those invisible under clothes? With personal life everything is in order, with self-esteem and health, too, but very much want to be thin, to the sides and the belly is not hanging over the low belt to the waist has become a wasp, and the legs thin and elegant. While sitting decently old jeans, it is difficult to motivate yourself to losing weight, because the body may be very comfortable in the current champion. But the dream, if it is, you have to go and look for motivation through trial and error:

Buy a beautiful thing desired size and create your ideal self-portrait in this thing.

If you do not stimulate pictures skinny girls on the Internet and glossy magazines, buy a magazine about the professional fitness - maybe it will help shake things up.

Read a couple of dozen of articles about products that help to lose weight - perhaps green tea or prunes so impressed that he will start a diet on the same day.

To arrange a viewing of the video with fitness classes. Completely unnoticed can be drawn.

It turns out, is not always the culprit unsightly volumes on the body and a pair of excessive kilos is fat. Sometimes this excess water that accumulates in the body as a result of any disruptions and reorganizations, often forming swelling. 

Hence, swollen feet and hands, and bags under the eyes, and excessive sweating. Sometimes it is enough to withdraw water from the body to lose weight - and for the better and change the overall appearance and feel. 


Why is this happening?

Before we start to treat the symptoms, it is necessary to establish the cause of their occurrence, ie disease. Yes cause excess water may, firstly, the disease - such as kidney, that are not able to deduce the water naturally unnecessary.

  Secondly, the culprit of water retention is a love of salty, spicy, smoked, soda and alcohol.

  Thirdly, the water naturally accumulates in the days before menstruation or during pregnancy.

  Fourth, no matter how paradoxical it sounds, but the lack of drinking can also lead to the accumulation of water, as well as the abuse of diuretics. Fearing dehydration, the body will store water in an amount more than necessary.

  Fifth, low physical activity.


How to help yourself?

  When a small stagnant water associated with the "female" states, it remains only to wait a few days - during menstruation, or months - during pregnancy. However, pregnant women run a dangerous swelling and self-medicate!

  As for the other cases, it is necessary to change the way of life and the power immediately to remove water from the body:

Exclude the above dangerous products.

Limit fluid intake to sleep, and distribute it evenly throughout the day.

Diuretics - Diuretics - should be taken only occasionally and to choose for this purpose herbal teas from leaves of bilberry, bearberry and birch, sage, St. John's wort, rose hips, nettle and others. Watermelon also copes well with the removal of water from the body, moreover, it is often recommended for weight loss.

The diet replenish the cleaning products: fiber, yogurt, etc. Together with the slag will stagnant water.

Regular use of the sauna and baths will make you forget about the excesses of water.

Due to physical activity water leaves the body as sweat. Do not interfere, and a massage.

If the subject of the recommendation is no improvement or swelling alarmingly strong, so well worth a visit a doctor, and not just a nephrologist. This can be cardiovascular disease, and hormonal.

However, the desire to lose weight through the removal of excess fluid should not lead to dehydration! It is no less dangerous and also has a detrimental effect on the appearance.